Most of KTBS' debtor and creditor representations never lead to chapter 11 or become a matter of public record, but rather are successfully resolved on a confidential, out-of-court basis. KTBS' intimate familiarity with the chapter 11 process--the drawbacks, the benefits, and the likely outcomes--makes KTBS uniquely suited to evaluate, structure, and implement out-of-court solutions. Over the last decade, KTBS has structured numerous successful out-of-court resolutions using a variety of strategies, including debt issuances and exchanges, credit facility amendments, inter-creditor first and second lien agreements, "Dutch auctions" for senior and junior debt positions, recapitalizations, and asset sale transactions. These transactions have occurred in a variety of industries, including agricultural, energy, entertainment, gaming, hospitality, health care, manufacturing, real estate, retail, service and technology industries. KTBS has developed a wide reputation in the legal and financial community for successfully structuring and accomplishing these out-of-court transactions, which avoid the cost, delay, and risk inherent in chapter 11 filings.

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KTBS in the News  |  Dec 2020

TMA Featured Members: Sasha Gurvitz

Our Featured TMA members have been acknowledged by their chapters for their hard work and dedication to TMA.  As you scroll through the featured members on the TMA website, you'll "meet" members like Sasha Gurvitz, KTBS Law LLP, TMA Southern California. Turnaround Management Association TMA Featured Members: Sasha Gurvitz

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Publications  |  Jan 2021

Legislative Alert: Business Bankruptcy Amendments in 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act

This legislative alert by Jonathan Weiss summarizes certain important amendments to the Bankruptcy Code that may affect corporate debtors that are included within the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 signed into law on December 27, 2020. Bankruptcy Amendments 2021 Appropriations Act

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