Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern LLP Partners Kenneth N. Klee and Whitman L. Holt have completed their new book, Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court: 1801-2014 (West Academic 2015).

Klee and Holt’s book provides a deep analysis of approximately 700 bankruptcy-related Supreme Court cases and offers a distillation of resulting principles, maxims, and lessons. The book is a comprehensive desk reference for lawyers, judges, law students, and scholars examining the Supreme Court’s bankruptcy decisions from 1801 through 2014 from six different perspectives. The book is the most thorough modern analysis of the Supreme Court’s bankruptcy decisions, and it is the only modern discussion of case law dating back to 1801. As such, the book will be of value to practitioners and scholars who are focusing specifically on the Supreme Court’s bankruptcy jurisprudence or who seek starting points for more detailed research projects. The book contains substantive discussions of the interplay between bankruptcy law and other laws, constitutional principles bearing on bankruptcy law, the jurisdiction and power of federal bankruptcy courts, precepts of bankruptcy law under the modern Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Acts of 1898, 1867, 1841, and 1800, and the authors’ favorite historical cases, among other topics.

This new book builds and expands on Professor Klee’s prior book, Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court (LexisNexis 2008). In addition to the incorporation of approximately 100 pre-1898 cases, the current book includes new analyses of the international effect of insolvency laws, stays and writs, bankruptcy and the First Amendment, the Supreme Court’s recent Article III decisions, and bankruptcy litigation topics, among other issues.

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