KTB&S attorneys Robert J. Pfister and David M. Stern served as counsel to Gene Douglas Balas and Carlos A. Morales in defending a motion by the United States Trustee to dismiss their joint chapter 13 bankruptcy petition on the ground that, although legally married under California law, the couple was not eligible to file a joint bankruptcy petition under the federal Defense of Marriage Act, Pub. L. No. 104-199, 110 Stat. 2419 (Sept. 21, 1996).  Pfister and Stern successfully advocated for the dismissal of the motion, which ruling was announced in a June 13, 2011 decision declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.  The opinion, issued by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, was signed by an unprecedented 20 out of 24 judges of the court.  To learn more, click here.